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2nd-Feb-2006 04:23 am(no subject)
Phoebe: And if you wanna look 19, then you... you gotta do something about your eyes.
Joey: What? What's wrong with my eyes?
Phoebe: They give you away. There's just... there's too much wisdom in there. Just put some tea bags on them for like 15 minutes.
Joey: And that'll get rid of my wisdom?
Phoebe: Maybe just 10 minutes for you.

Friends, "The One With Monica's Thunder"
I, The Great Lump slash Blacksheep slash Demon Child slash Cunting Daughter, shall name this precious livejournal (one I have been deliriously wanting for months) after my favorite swear word of the moment: cunting. This foul term was used by the devil in The Exorcist in the scene where Regan was having a delicious 'go' with the crucifix---oh my Catholic girl sensibilities! Since I plan for this journal to be horribly evil, it is only fitting that it be called in the same monstrous fashion. Cunting, it is.
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